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Main Line Speech Consultants (Shelly's practice)

Main Line Speech, Ltd. - Shelly's Business Page

Dan's Chess

  Dan's Main Chess Page - the top level page to over 100 pages on chess information!
Dan is a nationally known master, author of 11 chess books and a full-time chess instructor - He writes the multi-award-winning Novice Nook column and is also the SE PA Scholastic Chess Coordinator. His TV show on is every other Friday from 5-6:30 PM ET.

  Dan's Sports Page (e.g. "Baseball's Active Leaders Newsletter)

Dan's Science Fiction Short Stories

  It's Inevitable - You think computers do well now...This was written around the same time Vernon Vinge proposed his "singularity" theory - but Dan was not aware!

  No One Likes Losing - How come Emperor Krang's great fleet can't beat the little guys?

  Climate Change Science

Here's what the leading universities have to say about climate change:

    World Organization: Top Climate sites online - NY Times article on Climate Change Consensus - Scientific Consensus page - Top Climate Change Myths (and associated science links) - Meteorologists discussing Polar Vortex & Historical Climate Change - Bill Nye Debates Climate Change with a doubter on Meet the Press - Arctic Sea Ice Decline - 8-Part Showtime series on Climate Change - Countdown by Alan Weisman - Don't Gamble with Our Climate Future (MIT seminar)

Population Connection - one of my favorite causes

Union of Concerned Scientists

Dan's Magic Marker Artwork - just a small sample - the best ones were already framed before I scanned them

  Dan's Finance: I took the NASD Series 2 and Series 65 tests got my Registered Investment Adviser license in PA (not too many have ever done this without the sponsorship of a company) and created a Stock Selection Seminar (and an Introduction to Stocks seminar) which I offered to teach for a nominal fee so that others could make money, too. I have retired and just manage money privately. If you are ever interested and in the area, I would be glad to do my seminar for you - for free! Just call 610-649-0750.

  Resolvers and Disengagers - An interesting and original theory on human interaction - how do YOU deal with conflict?

  Why Good Engineers Sometimes 'Fail'

  Dan's Explanation of the "Let's Make a Deal" Problem

  Buttons Wanted!

 We have a large and interesting Button collection (the kind you pin on your clothes, like political buttons); so if you have an unusual or interesting button that you don't want, email me and I will give you directions to send to Wynnewood, PA 19096 and we will add it to our collection!


  Delen's Page (Last but not least!) - Delen works for 40 on Red in Philadelphia.

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