Before presenting a letter to all potential sponsors - of any amount! - let me provide a link to the tax-deductible chess donation page.

Scholastic Chess Sponsorship Letter


I am the SE PA Scholastic Coordinator for the Pennsylvania State Chess Federation (PSCF). My US Chess Federation affiliate, Heisman’s Chess Trophies, (along with PA Scholastic  Coordinator Steve McLaughlin) runs scholastic chess tournaments and is looking for companies that are interested in sponsoring this educational and worthwhile student activity.  I feel that junior chess and local companies should be an excellent match. Sponsorships can be coordinated through the non-profit Dan Heisman Chess Scholarship Fund (look under "H") at the Philadelphia Foundation or the PSCF to be tax deductible.

As you may know, numerous studies have shown that chess is an excellent exercise for the brain, with positive correlation to increased grades and SAT scores. Sponsoring a local chess tournament is therefore beneficial for the recipients as well as good public relations for the sponsor. In addition, supporting a chess tournament can be less expensive than other sponsorships.  The major costs for running a chess tournament are: room rental, US Chess Federation rating fees, advertising and publicity, equipment, compensating tournament directors, and trophies and prizes. There are also opportunities to either sponsor US Chess Federation membership and entry fees for disadvantaged children or to create tournament T-shirts with your company’s name on it for the participants. Thus sponsored tournaments can have bigger prizes, better publicity, more participants, more professional administration, a lower entry fee, etc. Your organization can also designate the use of your sponsorship money, if that is desirable. We will work with your marketing (or other designated) personnel to make sure your sponsorship gets the maximum possible exposure, if desired.

I have set up two types of chess sponsorships:

Providing a facility to host a tournament (assume space for 100+ students to play for 1 day) is also a way to contribute. If interested, please contact me at (610) 649-0750 or

We held the 2005 Greater Philadelphia Scholastic Chess Championship tournament at Lower Merion High School in November 2005 and over 200 students participated. The national advertising (in Chess Life and Schoolmates magazines for each tournament must be done at least five (5) months in advance. Any sponsorship for a future tournament is great and would be most appreciated!

I would be glad to talk to anyone at any time to present more information about this opportunity. Thank you for your consideration in helping kids chess in the area!

Dan Heisman
SE PA Scholastic Coordinator 

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